Patisserie Lenox
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Fine French Pastries, Macarons and Specialty Cakes Lunch served daily
We invite you to check out the list of our most popular cake flavors below. We ask for 24 hour notice on all orders from this cake menu. Cakes can be ordered in the following sizes: 6”, 8” and 10”. Tarts can be ordered in the following sizes: 8”, 10” and 12”. Cakes and tarts of larger sizes will be treated as custom, and will be charged per person. Please be advised that we can custom make almost any cake of your liking. For more information on specialty cakes, click here. 1. White chocolate mousse and raspberry w/white genoise 2. Chocolate mousse w/chocolate genoise 3. Chocolate mousse & raspberry mousse w/chocolate genoise 4. Red currant mousse w/ white genoise 5. Black currant mousse w/ white genoise 6. Grand Marnier mousse w/ white genoise 7. Mocha mousse w/white or almond genoise 8. Fraisier (white genoise with Grand Marnier cream and fresh strawberries) 9. Strawberry shortcake with whipped cream, vanilla custard and fresh strawberries 10. Opera (chocolate ganache, hazelnut mousse and coffee syrop w/almond genoise) 11. Flourless chocolate cake with chocolate (rich and moist) * 12. Mille-Feuille: layers of flaky puff pastry with light vanilla custard in between (option: filled w/raspberries) 13. Paris-Brest (pate a choux, hazelnut mousse, whipped cream) 14. St. Honore (pate a choux, custard, whipped cream, chocolate/caramel, strawberries) 15. Lemon cheesecake (with whipped cream and fresh fruit on top) * 16. Fruit tart (sugar dow shell, almond cream, custard and berries of your choice) 17. Lemon tart (sugar dow shell, lemon curd and whipped cream) 18. Tarte Tatin (caramelized upside down apple tart) 19. Tarte Normande (w/apples and frangipane) 20. Pear Bourdaloue Tarte (w/poached pears and almond cream) * GLUTEN FREE